Below is a list of current offerings brought to studios and homes around the world. They can all be adapted to workshops or series. If you are interested in having one of these offerings at your home or studio and would like more info head over to our contact page.


San Juans Yoga/Sailing Retreat

Sept 4-6

Stimulate all the senses with this 3 day adventure island hopping in the San Juans. Yoga in nature, hike a new island every day, eat incredible food, dabble in sailing, take in the incredible scenery and wild life.
2 nights 3 full days in the San Juan Islands $975
This includes daily sailing, accommodations, food, yoga, guided hikes and more!
You will be guided by the incredibly experienced Captain Ben Doerr and Yogi Jackie Elliott.
Spending a few days in nature can truly help one reset and reconnect with themselves and all that surrounds you.
We will board the ship aptly named “True” which is a 44 ft yacht comfortably sleeping 6 with amenities of Woodstove Fireplace,
Head with Toilet and Shower, Fully Stocked Galley with Refrigeration & Freezer, 10ft Dinghy with 6HP outboard for shore adventures as well as a 2-person Kayak, paddle boards, Gas Barbecue and more.

Submerse yourself in nature with this yoga and sailing adventure. learn sailing skills as we island hop with the orcas and porpoises. Be lulled to sleep by gentle waves beneath you or head to shore and sleep under the stars. Go on secluded island hikes. Or kayak to explore remote inlets and coves. Twice daily yoga and meditation classes in spectacular settings. Nourishing delicious meals throughout your days.

September is my favorite time to be in the San Juans. When the crowds have died down and the orcas are in full force. We will have a plethora of destination and anchorage options for a delightful adventure through this magical cluster of islands along the Canadian border. The experience promises to be full of marine wildlife, serene hikes, charming villages and breathtaking sunsets, crab feasts, kayaking and more.
2 nights 3 full days in the San Juan Islands $975
This includes daily sailing, accommodations, food, yoga, guided hikes and more!

Email to find out more or to book your trip. Space is VERY limited




Arm balance and self discovery workshop. Arm balances are a great way to spice up your practice as well as lighten it, physically and mentally. They teach us quickly how to get out of our own way and go for the gold. Anything is possible! With this playful approach to adding arm balancing into your practice you will also learn where you hold back and be in a safe environment to experiment, test the limits and play! Whether you have never tried a arm balance or fly all the time this workshop is sure to be fun and offer some new perspectives.


This workshop delves into the many techniques of pranayama. We will have lots of space and time to try out these techniques in both postures and meditation. We will go over the most often used breath techniques offering tips and tricks to build the lung capacity and efficacy of the breath. As well as covering some interesting and rarely used pranayamas exploring this powerful practice. To harness the breath is the suture that weaves the body and mind together. Come experience the connections breath has to offer.  


​​A workshop to dive into the layers of the mind through the yoga and meditation practice.  The kleshas serve as a map of the habits of the mind. Often described as the veils that cloud our vision. Through the yoga and mediation process we can put ourselves in the seat of a witness to observe the patterns of the mind seeing clear pathways to our best self. We will discuss the kleshas and how they come up for us as individuals to not only better ourselves but those around us.



​This series is to give a practical opportunity to practice and experience the awareness tools the chakra system gives us. Put in a way that is very graspable and easy to use, meeting once a week for 7 weeks learning about all the elements related to specific areas of body via the 7 main chakras. We will incorporate tools and techniques from the ayurvedic tradition as well to create a clean and clear individual method of maintaining balance in the body and in turn the mind. This series is a chance to go deeper into understanding the layers of the body thus gaining a deeper sense of self and stability.


Whether you are an experienced yogi or brand new to yoga, taking the time to be a beginner can have a profound impact on your practice. Allow yourself the immense freedom of having a beginner’s mind. Through a step-by-step approach on proper alignment we will go over foundational postures as well as the relationship of yogic breathing and yoga philosophy. Building the practice from where you are and providing modifications to help customize to your needs. Come to deepen your understanding and connection to the body and in turn the mind.  



There are so many benefits of going upside down. A new perspective quickly gained, lowers blood pressure, calms the central nervous system, its a rush! And it doesnt have to be scary or hard. We will go through several inversions and the foundation of which they stem. A playful and safe environment to explore your practice in a whole new way. Whether you are upside down everyday or are brand new to the idea there will be a new perspective gained and a new appreciation for your body to boot. Come play!



A tour through the foundations and philosophy of yoga through the 8 limbed path. This will include an in-depth look at the yamas and niyamas (ethics and observances) as well as the kleshas and koshas (mental afflictions and energetic layers). Through this course you will not only learn the meaning behind the 8 limbed path but have the opportunity to put it into practice. Deepening our knowledge of breath, sensory, mental and physical controls through the practice of yoga. You will gain the resources to nurture your yoga practice into a sustainable life long tool box you have constant access to. Shine a light onto your yoga practice and let your light shine!