Jackies Story 

Jackie Elliott – Yoga Guide

I grew up in the foot hills of Mt Rainer, riding horses, climbing mountains, playing music, growing food and sleeping outside whenever possible. Our vacations were often in the San Juans, I swam all year round in those waters and got to know the orca pods well over the years.
 As I got older I got serious about equestrian sports, music and dance. Around the same time I discovered yoga. I was having some joint issues after a car accident and the dance and horse riding was becoming painful. The physical therapist found I had subluxating joints and told me it would be a life long issue, he suggested I try yoga. I fell in love. I was on a roll and took to it right away. I was a bit of a worry wart and I found it helped with my mental state, my sleep AND my body. 
But as life goes there were obstacles and I was young, nothing was consistent. I went to college instead of high school at 17, opened a cafe in Olympia by 18, sold the cafe a year later and moved to Africa, spent some time in London, then moved to Seattle, started a cleaning company  and met my husband who took me to a yoga class on one of our first dates. 
After my husband re introduced me to yoga I didn’t let it go. I started taking trainings to learn more, I couldn’t get enough. I took hundreds and hundreds of hrs in certified trainings for Iyengar, Hatha, Vinyasa, Anusara, Restorative, Pranayama, Anatomy, Philosophy and much much more. After my 3rd certification program I finally got a itch to teach and never looked back. 
 I teach from my experience of needing and using yoga daily. I like to convey the simple yet powerful tools it gives us through subtle breath, thoughtful sequencing and themed meditation. One of the reasons I took and still take all those trainings is for structure, I need the discipline for my wobbly joints. But my background is dance, fluid, creative. I was actually a professional modern dancer and hula dancer for a short time. I think that influences my yoga style in being fluid yet steady. So I guess I would say I am a good mix of hearty old school yoga, simple and clear, mixed with a deep awareness of sequencing the poses correctly making the practice fluid and free. 
Right now I am excited to take people deeper into the roots of yoga, the philosophy, the breath, helping one establish a practice for a lifetime. And I am always excited about taking yoga outside! I find connecting with nature helps us be in awe of the moment noticing the rhythms around and within. I also think taking yoga outside helps us know we can take our practice anywhere, anytime. I hope we can go on a yoga adventure together!